Get better at customer support by benchmarking your performance

Metrics play a crucial role in customer support. By quantifying your team’s performance, you’ll be able to set realistic targets for your team and also increase individual accountability.

In order to draw insights from your metrics, you need to benchmark them against your competitors and industry. These insights can help you identify the opportunities where you can improve and weed out the inefficiencies in your support processes.

We have identified customer support benchmarks that will help you set context on the kind of metrics your company should target. These benchmarks are based on a variety of factors such as region, industry, and helpdesk adoption.

In this webinar, you will hear our Customer Success Lead, Yasasree, speak about:

Speakers in this webinar

Janaki Nori
Janaki Nori

Product Marketing Manager, Freshmarketer

Janaki is the product marketing manager for the Freshmarketer team. She is invested in increasing product awareness and feature adoption for Freshmarketer. She also runs campaigns and writes blogs on conversion rate optimization.


Sheen Adrian
Sheen Adrian

Customer Engagement Lead, Freshworks

Sheen is the Lead of Customer Engagement for the Freshdesk Marketing team. On a daily basis, he runs campaigns and manages the knowledge base to educate customers to use and adopt the product better. You can catch him on the Freshdesk blog and webinars from time to time.

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