Enhanced Omnichannel experience

Leverage the most out of our omnichannel experience by supporting customers on the channel they’re most active on - WhatsApp. Connect your WhatsApp account with Freshdesk and resolve customer queries faster than ever.

Omnichannel Timeline

Instant conversations

Your customers can now engage with your business instantly through a WhatsApp business number.
Your agents can read, respond, and resolve all the customer queries as they would with any other communication channel - right within Freshdesk.

One-one Messaging

Proactive engagement

Be proactive with your support! Communicate essential updates
like order details and delivery status to your customers through
WhatsApp without waiting for them to reach out to you. 


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WhatsApp API integration is available as an add-on for Garden, Estate, and Forest plans.

WhatsApp Integration Table

Why Freshdesk?

Streamline Support

Prioritize, categorize, and assign incoming tickets to the right people, so your overall SLA is not affected.

Work as a team!

Loop in teammates, split tickets, and work together as a team to resolve queries faster.

Provide omnichannel support

Unify all support channels like email, call, chat, social, and website to provide a single platform to boost agent productivity.


Automate primitive tasks

Leverage the smart automation features to automate ticket prioritization and assignment from multiple channels to provide faster resolutions.


Provide actionable insights

With Freshdesk's Analytics, analyze specific KPIs to help improve your team's performance.

Balance workload better

Assign incoming tickets based on an agent’s skill, workload, or in a round-robin fashion to divide workload efficiently.