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There comes a time, each year, when your helpdesk gets flooded with tickets. For some companies, it’s Christmas. Others, it’s Black Friday. It might be downtime, it might be a sale, or it might be just the wind blowing right.

But what doesn’t change is the boredom of typing out the same reply over and over again. It’s like Groundhog day but you’re just stuck in a little grey cubicle, Cmd+Cing the same thing again and again.

Canned Responses help agents break the loop. They are reusable replies common to all agents (or created by agents for their own use), replies that can be inserted in ticket replies with a click of the button. These responses usually include placeholders, so they carry information corresponding to the ticket like the requester name and ticket URL. Canned responses also make the process of bulk replying incredibly easy.

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