AI-powered self-service

Use AI-powered self-service to instantly connect your customers to relevant support solutions, regardless of the channel they’re on.

Deliver instant and personalized resolutions, 24X7!




Freddy Answers

Freddy Answers instantly responds to your customers' questions with the best fitting answer from your knowledge base. But it doesn’t stop with deflection. It detects intent and follows up the answer with relevant conversation flows to engage and delight customers.


You can power up your chat and phone channels with Freddy Answers




Freddy Chatbot Builder

Freddy chatbot builder is a powerful no-code builder that enables you to build a bot and define its conversations, so it can engage with your customers to provide personalized support. Integrate your bot with all your 3rd party apps and internal systems seamlessly to obtain context and provide resolutions instantly. All of this, without a live-agent intervention.


Automate resolutions, and save time for both your customers and agents.


What's more

Multilingual support

Set up end-to-end bot flows in the language your customers best understand.

Multichannel support

With out-of-the-box multichannel integrations, deliver a true omnichannel experience for your customers.


The simple CSS editor lets you customize everything about your widget.

Actionable insights

Use in-built analytics to analyze and optimize chatbot conversations, effortlessly.

Contextual support

Retrieve all the information you need during the chat, store and reference it at any point in a conversation.

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