Top 10 Virtual Conferences for CX Professionals in 2022

CX conferences  like trade shows, online events, webinars, podcasts and in-person events present an opportunity to learn directly from exhibitors showcasing product demos, network with thought leaders, discuss trends and innovations, and of course dive into changing customer behaviours and expectations via panel discussions, seminars, case studies and keynotes.

These events are usually  a congregation of C-level executives, customer experience practitioners, customer service experts, support agents, and every other role that involves delivering moments of delight to customers.

Not only do they shape the future of customer relationships through the launch of benchmark reports and by sharing customer service tips, support best practices, and customer journey roadmap ideas, they also  act as a catalyst for expanding your network with customer experience professionals and learning from leaders across various industries.

In light of the pandemic restrictions, we have curated a list of top hybrid events + virtual conferences being hosted around the world. This guide offers key details like event dates, edition and recommended guest list, for your reference.

Must attend virtual conferences in 2022

Here’s a curated list of the must-attend virtual conferences for CX professionals. We have arranged the events chronologically to make it easy for you to pick and add to your calendar. For detailed insights on each of these events, you may refer to The #1 Guide To Customer Experience Conferences in 2022.


#1 Oracle Advertising and CX Virtual Summit: Deliver Service That Meets the Moment

Date: January 27, 2022

Edition | Location: Virtual

Must-attend for: C-level executives, Contact Center Executives, CX practitioners, CX Decision-makers


#2 CX Connect 2022

Date: March 15-17, 2022

Edition | Location: Virtual

Must-attend for: Product Developers, Executives and Managers of CX, CRM, and Customer Service, Leaders in Technology and Research


#3 CCW 2022

Date: March 21-24, 2022

Edition | Location: Hybrid | Berlin

Must-attend for: CX Practitioners, Customer Service Heads, Executives of Customer-Centric domains, Senior UX Leaders


#4 Digital Customer Experience Summit 2022

Date: March 29-30, 2022

Edition | Location: Virtual

Must-attend for: CX decision-makers, Executive Board


#5 Global CX Summit 2022

Date: May 28, 2022

Edition | Location: Virtual

Must-attend for: CX decision-makers, Customer Service Heads, Technology Heads, Executive Board, Head of Product Development


#6 Interactive Customer Experience Summit

Date: June 1-3, 2022

Edition | Location: Hybrid | Columbus

Must-attend for: CX decision-makers in B2C space, Entrepreneurs, Government agencies


#7 CX North America by Forrester

Date: June 7-9, 2022

Edition | Location: Hybrid | Columbus

Must-attend for: CX Executives, Marketing Executives from the B2C space


#8 Customer Experience Ecosystem: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange

Date: July 18-20, 2022

Edition | Location: Hybrid | Minneapolis

Must-attend for: C-level executives, CX Decision-Makers, Head of Technology, Head of Product


#9 Next Generation Customer Experience Conference

Date: July 19-20, 2022

Edition | Location: Hybrid | Boston

Must-attend for: CX Executives, Senior UX Leaders, Executives of Marketing/ Operations


#10 Customer Experience Asia Week 2022

Date: November 21-24, 2022

Edition | Location: Hybrid | Columbus

Must-attend for: CX leaders, UX Designers, Product Developers, Technology Heads, Chief Customer Officer, Head of Marketing/ Operations



You can convince your organization to fund your visit to either of these virtual events by making note of the use-cases being offered at the online conference and how it adds value to your organization.

In case you miss out on any of these virtual conferences, you can check out the event website for any resources made available on-demand for event attendees and for the ones who missed it. You may be able to get hold of recorded versions of the keynote session or demos and may even get important snippets from the event on social media. Leverage these actionable insights from customer service experts so you can work on improving your customer success KPIs from the grassroot level.

Have we missed any of your favourite customer experience conferences? Do comment with the event details so we can add them to our growing list!


Originally published on April 14, 2020. Updated on January 18, 2022.

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