The Most Promising CX Virtual Conferences to Attend in 2020

In the user experience industry, a lot of in-person customer service and customer experience conferences have been indefinitely suspended, in light of the COVID-19 global crises. But for those who are in the business of providing memorable digital experiences, these unprecedented times can’t be a deterrent to going virtual!

Several customer-driven event organizers have proactively shifted their focus from in-person to CX virtual conference as a learning, networking, and lead generation avenue. 

We’ve compiled an exhaustive list of must-attend CX virtual conferences in 2020, with complete context about every event to make it easy for professionals to pick and add to their calendars.

Themes of CX Virtual Conferences in 2020

CX virtual conferences for business continuity

#1 Virtual SMB Summit – 10,17, 24th April 2020

Virtual SMB Summit, hosted by Magnetic Experiences, is an event dedicated to helping small businesses get through these unprecedented times with actionable business continuity tips. This virtual conference will feature prominent CX leaders and subject matter experts speaking about pivoting your leadership, customer experience, support, remote work, and employee well-being strategies, to name a few. If you’re running a small business trying to weather this COVID-19 crisis, attend this CX virtual conference for some great advice. You can also watch the recordings if you miss any of the sessions.
Must-attend for: Executive board, Support team, and other decision-makers of SMBs.
Expert Speakers: Shep Hyken – Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations, Eric Ullman – Principal Experience Consultant at Medallia

#2 (Almost) IN-PERSON – 5th May 2020

(Almost) IN-PERSON is a CX virtual conference conceptualized on the theme of “adapting to the new normal”. A virtual event can’t get any more relevant to the current scenario than (Almost) IN-PERSON, as it aims to help marketers and event managers adapt to any uncertain situation. Develop meaningful connections, shared ideas, and empathy with fellow event managers over content strategies, customer-centricity, and innovative solutions to execute successful virtual conferences.
Must-attend for: Event organizing professions, Content marketers, Community heads.
Expert Speakers: Helen Stoddard – Head of Global Events at Twitter, Nick Mehta – CEO of Gainsight

#3 IBM’s Think Digital 2020 – 5th May 2020

IBM’s Think Digital 2020 is another important event that highlights ways to keep the show running with tips on business continuity, accelerating recovery, managing risk and costs, and maintaining customer satisfaction.
Must-attend for: Risk analysts, Executive board, Decision-makers of technical teams.
Expert Speakers: Arvind Krishna – CEO of IBM, Amal Clooney – CEO of Gainsight, Amal Clooney – Barrister at Doughty Street Chambers

CX virtual conferences for customer delight

#4 Contact Center and Customer Service Summit – 21st April 2020 

This CX virtual conference is filled with educational sessions, panel discussions, and roundtables presided over by top customer service leaders. Contact Center and Customer Service Summit could be your cue to remotely connect with like-minded professionals and solution providers for some business-specific takeaways. Keep your business relevant to changing yardsticks of customer expectations, employee experience, and customer support strategies and technology,
Must-attend for: Decision-makers and C-level executives of contact centers and other customer service teams.
Expert Speakers: Philip Bennett Customer Service Operations Manager at Empire-Today, Marina Musi HR Manager at SquareSpace

#5 Sirius Decisions’ Summit 2020 – 4th-7th May 2020

Sirius Decisions and Forrester are coming together to give you a full-blown CX virtual conference for knowledge sharing among B2B companies. Join conversations about understanding the evolving customer expectations and how to empower better decision-making for functions like customer engagement, channel marketing, sales enablement, account-based marketing (ABM), product management, and marketing operations, to name a few.
Must-attend for: CMOs, Marketers, Sales development teams, Demand generation teams.
Expert Speakers: Brene Brown – Renowned Keynote Speaker, Storyteller, Researcher

#6 The Art of Conversation – 5th May 2020

The Art of Conversation by MaestroQA was one of the first few conferences to quickly change gears from being an in-person conference. Rightly dubbed an ‘attendee-inspired conference’ in customer service and experience, this virtual event is particularly a huge value-add to support agents as it focuses on building the right QA processes to delight customers. Since it is peer-powered, all your questions and expert opinions can be submitted. Go script-free with your customer support and learn how to make intuitive decisions.
Must-attend for: Quality Assurance members of CX teams, Support agents, Customer service managers.
Expert Speakers: Katie Taylor – Senior QA Specialist at Zendesk, Donna Drehmann – Director of CX and Training at Postmates

#7 Experience ‘20 Virtual Summit – 13th May 2020

Medallia’s popular Experience Summit is a CX virtual conference where you can learn about all the tools, strategies, and technology that are driving the end-user experience from top CX leaders in the industry. Look at customer experience from the standpoint of seasoned product marketers and understand what customers are looking for from today’s brands.
Must-attend for: Product marketers, CX practitioners, UI designers.
Expert Speakers: To be announced soon.

#8 New Standards for Customer Contact Performance – 19th-22nd May 2020

Customer Contact Week (CCW) hosts some of the biggest customer service conferences that attract the attention of SaaS vendors for product launches and networking. However, even without a physical presence, CCW’s digital conference will continue to be focused on improving customer contact performance through insights that intersect agent training, support metrics, customer journey, right tools and technology, and customer satisfaction.
Must-attend for: Contact center executives, Customer support agents, Customer engagement experts, Solution engineers.
Expert Speakers: Stacy Sherman – Director of CX and Employee Engagement at Schindler Elevator Corp, Annette Franz – Founder and CEO of CX Journey

#9 The Journey to Customer-Centric Growth – 20th May 2020

This virtual summit is a great knowledge channel for customer service and customer experience professionals who want to scale their company’s growth with the customer’s voice in mind. Customer-centric growth was conceptualized with the goal of putting customers at the forefront of your business strategy. More than 40 thought leaders and industry experts from companies like Adobe, Slack, Zoom, Oracle, Mixpanel, etc., will share their success stories on how they unlocked growth by internalizing the customer’s voice. This CX virtual conference can also be your go-to CX muscle in this time of global crisis.
Must-attend for: Customer service professionals, Customer experience practitioners, Product leads, and other customer-centric teams.
Expert Speakers: Jeannie Walters – Renowned CX Expert (CCXP), Keynote Speaker, and Workshop Trainer, Jeanne Bliss – Global Leader & Keynote Speaker on Legacy & Customer Experience at Customer Bliss

#10 CCW Digital ANZ 2020 – 27th-29th May 2020

Featuring top customer experience professionals from the ANZ market, Customer Contact Week Digital ANZ 2020 is slated to be a great value-add to companies trying to deliver excellent customer experience through technology. In times where customers are expecting frictionless experience, learn how to leverage chatbots, self service, and sentiment analysis–all personalized to the behavior of the ANZ market.
Must-attend for: C-level executives, Support teams, CX practitioners, Decision-making managers.
Expert Speakers: Stacy Sherman – Director of CX and Employee Engagement at Schindler Elevator Corp, Annette Franz – Founder and CEO of CX Journey

#11 PegaWorld iNspire – 2nd June 2020

The flagship conference from Pega, iNspire has been reimagined into a CX virtual conference for 2020, citing the global crisis. The learnings, however, are going to remain comprehensive, with insights to transform customer engagement, streamline support processes, and implement smart automations.
Must attend for: C-level executives, Product marketers, Engagement managers, Account managers
Expert Speakers: Matt Nolan Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Pega, Vijay Atal IT Director, Supply Chain at Unilever Plc

#12 The Future of Quality – 28th October 2020

In an age where CX teams are increasingly focused on productivity and efficiency metrics, the human aspect of the customer experience is all the more important. At this event, MaestroQA will reveal a brand new way of thinking about CX metrics, one that goes beyond traditional tip-of-the-iceberg metrics like productivity and CSAT, to allow CX leaders to dive deep and gain transformative CX insights.
Must-attend for: C-suite, CX leaders, Heads of customer-facing teams, Solution engineers, QA and QC teams
Expert Speakers: Lauren Kwan – Quality and Content Specialist at Lyft, Vijay Atal IT Director, Anna Dang – Quality 

#13 The Virtual Customer Show Middle East & Africa – 15th-18th June 2020

This is CX Network’s first virtual conference tailored to the Middle East & Africa Market. The conference is set to touch upon high-touch themes like customer-centricity, AI, chatbots, enhancing CX with cloud, and measuring ROI. The expert speakers will address all the latest challenges and also dive into some opportunities to ensure business continuity and to keep your brand relevant during this uncertain period.
Must-attend for: C-level executives, CX decision-makers.
Expert Speakers: Andrea Prazakova – SVP of CX & Design at Mastercard MEA, Hussein Dajani – GM of Digital & CX Transformation at Nissan Motor Corporation

CX virtual conferences for marketing and sales

#14 Content Marketing Conference – 21st April 2020 

Content is an intrinsic part of any online marketing strategy. Content marketing is all about striking the right chord with your target customers and setting up a steady revenue stream of online leads. If done right, content marketing can educate your target readers, resonate with their values and ideas, and build trust with your customer base by making their job easier–all of which enhance the overall customer experience. The Content Marketing Conference is one of the very few customer experience events that are exclusive for content. Find out innovative ways to identify content opportunities and distribute them, grow your business organically.
Must-attend for: Content marketers, Demand generation teams, Digital marketers, Content writers.
Expert Speakers: Ann Handley – Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, Andrew Davis – Best-selling Author & Keynote Speaker

#15 Future of Sales Festival – 12th-15th May 2020

Sales Enablement Collective’s Future of Sales Festival is the world’s only dedicated CX virtual conference for revenue leaders. It involves keynote sessions from sales enablement leaders of PayPal, Shopify, SAP, and Survey Monkey, to name a few. Aspiring sales executives wanting to push themselves to the next level with expert insights from these revenue powerhouses.
Must attend for: Business development executives, Sales enablement functions, Pre-sales teams.
Expert Speakers: David Abramovski – Director of Sales Enablement Content at PayPal, Jayne Birch – APJ Sales Enablement Manager at Pegasystems

#16 The Content Strategy Conference 18th-20th May 2020

The Content Strategy Conference is Confab’s first-ever CX virtual conference. Confab events are known to touch upon pushing the boundaries of content to make it more usable and marketable. The event features the brightest minds in the content industry, from whom you can learn the best content strategy practices that you can implement, from UX to storytelling and everything in between.
Must attend for: Content Strategists, Content Writers, and Content Marketers among all functions.
Expert Speakers: Keri Maijala – Manager of UX Writing at LinkedIn, Andy Welfle – Senior Content Strategist at Adobe

#17 Midwest Digital Marketing Conference 20th-21st May 2020

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference is one of the very few CX virtual conferences dedicated to digital marketing. It is also the largest of its kind in the Midwest. The tracks covered in this conference are data, digital, social media, creative, e-commerce, innovation, academic/student, tech, and entrepreneurial.
Must attend for: Digital Marketers, Data Analysts, Content Marketers.
Expert Speakers: Sherri Bonelli – Owner of early bird digital marketing, Pearce Delisle – North American Manager of Content Marketing Consultants at LinkedIn

#18 Product-led Festival 2nd-4th June 2020

Product-led growth, be it to your business or individual career, is what the Product-led Festival emphasizes on. The different stages of product-led discussions touch upon leadership, onboarding, metrics, and other best practices to excel at customer success, product marketing, AI adaption, B2C, and more. Tap into the insights formulated presented by product-led leaders from companies like Google, Uber, SurveyMonkey, and Adobe.
Must attend for: Product managers and marketers, product-level decision-makers.
Expert Speakers: Robbie Allan – Product Manager at Intercom, Nick Allardice – Chief Product Officer of Change.Org

#19 Product Marketing Festival – 8th-14th June 2020

Join the Product Marketing Festival if you’re looking for proven tactics and learnings to position your product better. Hit the right vein in terms of product messaging, go-to-market strategies, pricing, OKRs, and everything needed to market your products amidst cutthroat competition.
Must attend for: Product managers and marketers, product-level decision-makers.
Expert Speakers: Daniel Murphy – Director of Marketing at Privy, Krysha Nair – Product Marketing Lead at Amazon Web Services

CX virtual conferences for technology and engineering

#20 WIT Connect Virtual Conference – 8th-12th June 2020

Women Impact Tech (WIT) is doing this virtual conference in a time where community building of professionals is more important than ever. Dedicated to women in tech, the CX virtual conference will touch upon diverse themes such as tech innovation, diversity, engineering solutions, and more from industry-leading experts and companies.
Must attend for: Women entrepreneurs, solution engineers, data scientists, software engineers.
Expert Speakers: Helen Altshuler – Engineering Manager at Google Maps, Vijaya Kaza – Chief Security Officer and Head of Trust Engineering & Data Science at Airbnb

#21 MongoDB Live – 9th-10th June 2020

MongoDB World is now MongoDB Live, a two day CX virtual conference for engineers, product managers, and developers with futuristic sessions from technical experts. The conference will consist of live and on-demand sessions about automation, query management, cloud, and much more. Register if you’re a tech pedant waiting to explore the myriad possibilities that technology holds for the future.
Must attend for: Software and solution engineers, Data scientists, Developers.
Expert Speakers: To be announced soon

#22 SAS Global Forum 2020 – Date to be announced soon

After canceling the in-person event, SAS Global Forum 2020 has committed to a virtual conference. A renowned event for tech professionals in and focused on topics like programming, AI, and machine learning, SAS Global Forum will bring together top developers from across the globe to share their experience and expertise.
Must attend for: Software and solution engineers, Data scientists, Developers.
Expert Speakers: To be announced soon

Virtual Conferences are now quintessential in the CX world

With customer experience becoming more important than ever, virtual conferences are a great way to keep yourself abreast of the latest developments, strategies, and solutions to satisfy customers–at the comfort and safety of your home.

Even as an organization, CX virtual conference by itself can be a smart lead generation strategy, provided you formulate a competitive agenda to grab eyeballs. Apart from reducing event organizing costs, interactive virtual conferences can be a treasure trove of attendee/customer recordings, giving you a new outlook at opportunities for building products and solutions.