Harness the Power of Personalized Support Solutions With the Amazon Connect + Freshdesk Integration

Customer-facing organizations are constantly on the lookout for a customer support solution that can help their support teams prioritize and respond to customers efficiently. Cloud-based helpdesk software is changing the way businesses design and deliver support to customers. At Freshdesk, we have always believed that a cloud-based support solution is the way forward for businesses of all sizes because it helps provide a call center infrastructure that is scalable, efficient, and easy to use.

In keeping with our belief that businesses deserve support tools that are powerful and help to resolve customer queries more quickly and efficiently, we integrated our helpdesk software with Amazon Connect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)’s cloud-based contact center service, which is the productized form of the customer service platform Amazon built starting a decade ago for use at Amazon.com and over 50 internal companies by as many as 70,000+ simultaneous agents on a daily basis.

The integration has a lot of benefits to offer customers—

  • Provides a seamless combined experience between customers’ Amazon Contact Center implementation and Freshdesk’s help desk
  • Enables a 360° view of the caller with contact info and ticket history
  • Helps agents engage in contextual and effective conversations
  • Creates new caller contacts directly in the helpdesk
  • Associates incoming calls directly with new or existing tickets
  • Enables CSRs to take in-call notes and attach them to the support tickets
  • Customize the app based on the specific business process used

With several CTI integrations in the Freshdesk marketplace and a strong leadership position in cloud-based customer support solutions, Freshdesk brings its contact center expertise to the Amazon Connect collaboration. When coupled with the extreme customizability of Amazon Connect and its ecosystem of over a hundred integrated AWS services, businesses can now deploy the right set of tools to deliver highly personalized customer support experiences, whatever the specific circumstances of the direct customer may be.

This integration, therefore, enables companies to get up and running more quickly than previously possible, reducing the costs associated with deploying technical expertise.

How does the integration work?

The AWS Connect CTI Link allows customers to quickly integrate AWS Connect call details into a clean, simple model within the Freshdesk workspace. The app allows customers to quickly leverage Amazon Connect to pass call details like ticket number, caller ID, and caller history quickly and easily into the workspace, without requiring agent intervention or additional lookup.

Rather than spending time on tedious, redundant lookups, agents using the Freshdesk integration will be free instead to focus on servicing customers resulting in shorter average handle times and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Amazon Connect and Freshdesk integration

Introducing the Freshdesk + Amazon Connect Integration V.2.0

(Updated on October 2021)

The new and improved version of the integration enhances the power of an easy-to-use cloud contact center right within your support desk. The custom app can be accessed through either –

(i) A small modal within Freshdesk that allows basic call functionality such as accepting incoming calls/chats, looking up existing contacts, converting conversations into tickets, and taking notes, or,

(ii) A full-page app with advanced capabilities such as live transcribe, live translate, chats, and auto callouts. The aim is to empower agents to focus on having more contextual interactions and providing delightful customer experiences. 

Here’s a look at the exciting new features of the Freshdesk + Amazon Connect integration that enable businesses to deliver superior customer support by leveraging personalized voice and chat experiences. 

  • Employ the live transcribe and live translate features to capture customer conversation as the call is progressing. This can further be translated into the language the agent is proficient in and added automatically to tickets for future reference. 
  • The newest auto callout feature allows agents/supervisors to trigger calls that can be placed to multiple customers at once with a message of their choice and thereby increasing operational efficiency.
  • Say hello to the brand new chat channel by Connect for holistic customer support from within Freshdesk. Through this, agents can engage in up to 5 chats at once and convert these conversations into tickets if needed.

To thrive in the current landscape, there is a need for personalized and speedy services. Armed with the powerful tools and actionable insights of the latest Freshdesk and Amazon Connect integration, businesses can achieve the dual goal of enhancing customer experience and driving growth. You can find the latest version of the Freshdesk + Amazon Connect integration here. 

Want to know more about the features and functioning of the integration? Or how you can make the most of it? Drop us a comment or write to us with your questions at support@freshdesk.com 

Originally published on May 14, 2018. Updated on October 19, 2021.

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