Freshdesk Collaborates with G Suite on Hangouts Chat Integration

What does customer support mean to you?

An entry-level agent would probably say it means working through a list of tickets and trying to fix each problem to the customer’s satisfaction. An expert might say it’s finding specialised solutions to complex unexpected problems. To an Account Manager, it might be monitoring a set of issues associated with an account and trying to move the needle on all of them. What if you go one step further?

Supporting at an enterprise level isn’t as straightforward as fixing a list of technical issues. It means knowing exactly what was, what is and what will be going wrong with a customer’s account. It requires working with the dev team, the account manager, the implementation engineer and bringing that collective knowledge together to keep things running smoothly. It means spending as much time on your team collaboration tool as you do on your helpdesk.

We know how daunting a task that can be. And that’s why we’re constantly finding ways to enable that collaboration as part of your helpdesk, with features like Team huddle and Shared ownership. Today, we’re taking another huge step in that direction by integrating Freshdesk with Hangouts Chat, the intelligent collaboration tool from Google.

Bringing your collaboration and support to one place

With this integration, you can stay notified of updates on your tickets inside Chat. So, if you need an update from your dev team or your logistics team to reply to a customer’s question, you won’t have to scramble across tools to ping each other and keep track of what’s going on. The Freshdesk bot in Chat will be a central place for you to quickly access and monitor tickets that you’re currently assigned to as well as tickets that you’re watching. You can keep track of replies to tickets, notes added and system updates from Chat.

In the coming months, we will aim to continue building on top of Chat’s capabilities and intelligence to introduce group notifications, quick actions and automations to improve the experience.


Click here to learn more about the integration and how to set it up in your Freshdesk account.

Here’s to simplifying collaboration in support and fixing customer problems as a team!