15 Best Practices for First Call Resolution [Infographic]

To know how your customer support is doing, you need to measure their performance. One of the first few metrics that you’d be looking at is the First Call Resolution (FCR) rate. FCR by definition refers to resolving a customer’s issue in a single interaction, without your customer having to follow up or contact you again.

First Call Resolution is used to monitor the quality of interaction between your customer and agent. A high FCR means your agents take less number of interactions to close the call which is a good sign. It improves the overall customer experience and keeps the customer happy. Also, it’s an important metric because it tells you how efficient you are, how quick you are, and how much you know the product.

In this infographic, we illustrate 15 best practices to improve your FCR. Take a look and let us know which ones worked for you.

First Call Resolution

*Illustrated by Vinodhkumar Neelakandan